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Welcome to my website!

About me

My name is Jakub B. Bączek. I’m thirty-something years old. I’m an inspirational and mental coach and a speaker. Some years ago I took interest in Buddhism and I gained a kind of financial freedom after years of smaller and greater achievements in business.

My passion is to help other people and to share my knowledge. The methods I use may sometimes be odd or funny but they are effective, as you’ll notice while reading next paragraphs (according to Google Analytics, 6 of them will be enough for you to leave this site or buy my book).


Inspiring Power Speech!

The “power speech” performances are not only a huge dose of motivation for employees or sports team members. They are also a source of practical and interesting knowledge, a lot of energy, humour and inspiration for personal development. .

That’s why the greatest companies in Poland (such as Bank Millennium, Microsoft, ING Bank, PZU, Link4, BOSCH, L’Oréal, Saint Gobain, Ferrero, Ernst & Young, YAMAHA and many more) put their trust in us and focused on the highest quality motivation of the employees. Now it’s time for your company to discover the top level “power speech” effects.

The highest quality of services

Do you want to motivate your staff to achieve higher sales or take greater effort? Do you want to show your staff how important teamwork is and what kind of mental techniques were used by the Volleyball World Champions?

Do you want to enrich the program of a conference or business meeting with dynamic and substantive performance? It’s time for the “power speech”. This type of training is very popular in the USA and Western Europe. World’s top public speakers set standards which greatly affect their clients’ business outcomes.

Now you can benefit from the “power speech” also in your country!




Upcoming Trainings


Life full of passionTM

The average lifetime of a man is 76 years. Do you ever wonder how much of your life is left? Probably not. Maybe it is worth thinking about what your life really is. Is it constant wandering and selling your time in the places you don’t like, or maybe it is an adventure which you create on your own? The host is a man with passion, and what is most important, he has a gift of sharing his life attitude with humour. If you want to be a part of a circle of satisfied customers who, thanks to this training, have new ideas for Life Full of Passion.


Mental Coach AcademyTM
– II Edition
START 21-22.10.2017

Mental Coach Academy is an all-year-round programme that offers a profound and complete mental training. It is based on the latest psychological research and years of experience taken from both business and sport… and Eastern philosophy!
This perfect combination put together by unique in his way – Jakub B.Bączek, guarantees that nothing will be the same after you take part in this programme.
Get certified knowledge from the mental coach Jakub B.Bączek, who successfully coached the World and Olympic Champions.
Gain profession that changes the world.


Holidays with Financial FreedomTM
February 2018 – V edition

There has never been a training like this! What is the best way to understand the financial freedom mechanisms? The best way is to meet someone who reached the financial freedom in Poland! How to achieve a higher quality of life? By meeting someone who’s happy! On this basis we created a unique offer of holidays with Jakub combined with the training. Only 15 vacancies left!




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