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Welcome to my website!

About me

Do you want to fulfil your dreams and make your work plans happen? Do you feel like making the most of your life? Once you start you cannot stop, but the master level requires quite a different approach to the one you have had before. Or maybe you are not able to motivate yourself or your employees to work; and managing time is too problematic? Well, you have come to the right place!

My name is Jakub B. Bączek and master level is my speciality. I will teach you how to find your inner strength to take actions and be hyperproductive.

Why Should You Make Use of My Knowledge?


Let’s set one thing straight. Hyperproductivity does not mean slaving away! Success in life and business is a marathon, not sprint. Hyperproductivity is a skilled keeping of the balance between managing your own tasks and the ability to let go of what is not of the most importance. I know it, because at some point of my life I had to set some rules, thanks to which today I can act effectively, running several big projects at a time, and still keeping my balance.

Therefore, if you want to be successful at work, not becoming burnt out and still having time to fulfil your dreams, make use of my help. Plenty of people from the fields of sport, business, politics and art – the ones that succeeded – trusted me and convinced themselves of my methods. I helped most of them achieve their master levels, even literally – with my help Polish volleyball team won the title of World Champions in 2014! It is time for you to fight for your own championship!

How Can You Benefit from Taking Part in My Trainings?

Thanks to my knowledge and experience you can change your work and private life for the better – work more effectively, manage your time well, and sensibly plan your future, still finding time for pleasure and fulfilling your dreams. Seems impossible? Do you lack motivation to start?

My courses are based on mental training technique, which accompanied by a big dose of energy and good humour will help you find your strength and give an impulse to make changes. A motivational kick that you will get will help you find faith in yourself and break the invisible barriers, stopping you on your way to fulfilling unaccomplished ideas and reaching your goals. Do you want to – like I do – make your deepest dreams come true? Just trust my knowledge and scientific research which confirm the effectiveness of mental training that I use during my courses.




Upcoming Trainings



MENTALCAMPTM is a trip for conscious people, ready for a change, who are seeking answers and crave broadening their comfort zone. During our shared holiday in beautiful Ustroń, we are going to work on personal development and, surrounded by mesmerizing nature, take part in workshops that has never taken place in Poland before! With the mental coach of gold-winning volleyball players and open people, overlooking the forests… it will be an unforgettable experience!


Mental Coach AcademyTM
– III Edition
START 13-14.01.2018

Mental Coach Academy is an all-year-round programme that offers a profound and complete mental training. It is based on the latest psychological research and years of experience taken from both business and sport… and Eastern philosophy!
This perfect combination put together by unique in his way – Jakub B.Bączek, guarantees that nothing will be the same after you take part in this programme.
Get certified knowledge from the mental coach Jakub B.Bączek, who successfully coached the World and Olympic Champions.
Gain profession that changes the world.


Holidays with Financial FreedomTM
February 2018 – VI edition

There has never been a training like this! What is the best way to understand the financial freedom mechanisms? The best way is to meet someone who reached the financial freedom in Poland! How to achieve a higher quality of life? By meeting someone who’s happy! On this basis we created a unique offer of holidays with Jakub combined with the training. Only 15 vacancies left!




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